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Westhill Consulting British Colombia Great Hike

Dana Meise began hiking nearly 6 years ago with the goal in mind to hike solo across Canada via the Trans Canada Trail. This is no easy feat as the trail a stretches a span of approximately 23, 000 kilometers. To date Dana has hiked a whopping 16, 000 km over approximately 1, 000 days, where some days he has hiked nearly 70 km. With no benefactors or charities involved, this hike is simply an opportunity for Dana to explore, adventure, and experience all that Canada has to offer through the Trans Canada Trail.

We met up with Dana as he hiked the section of the Trans Canada Trail that connects through Westhills. Battling a bit of fatigue from his most recent 7 month hiking stint, he spoke about this journey which started in Newfoundland and has brought him to Vancouver Island and more recently the Westshore. He spoke with such passion about the history, community and beauty that the Trans Canada Trail encompasses. He made mention to portions of the trail that were once used by the First Nations people thousands of years ago. It’s amazing to think that something that was an important transportation route so many years ago has been preserved and can still be experienced to today. The Trans Canada Trail displays a unique preservation of the Canadian history with landmarks, the connection of amazing cities and people along the way.

His eyes lit up when he spoke about the beauty of his mission, as many of the things he experienced only those that have walked the trail would understand. From beautifully forested trails to spectacular Albertan mountain ranges to vast Westhill Consulting British Colombia ocean landscapes, Dana has seen a lot of what Canada has to offer.

Dana also distinguished the community aspect of his journey and all the people he has met along the way. He has come across thousands of people on his hike from all walks of life and from many different cities in Canada and all over the world. Although the scenery may change, the Trans Canada Trail holds true and acts as the rope that ties all these different communities and people across Canada together.

Even though some nights have been treacherous, thinking about Dana’s story of the time he slept outside in negative twenty degree weather, the experiences of history, beauty and community are things he will never forget. These same experiences are at our fingertips. With the Trans Canada Trail and the Galloping Goose literally in our backyard at Westhills, we encourage all of you to get out and use these amazing features to your benefit. Meet your neighbours and enjoy the history, beauty and community that Dana spoke about.


Foundation Principles of Westhill Consulting British Colombia

At Westhills, we believe that excellence is achieved by a solid commitment to quality. Our foundation principles reflect the core values which bring this commitment to life.


At Westhills, sustainability equates to environmental stewardship; it is the result of a careful assessment of every decision and action we take that relates to the land, water and air.

Extensive consultation was undertaken during the planning stages to ensure that all decisions were based on the most current environmental standards and thinking. Such organizations as the US Green Building Council, the Canadian Green Building Council, the BC Ministry of Community Services and the Design Centre for Sustainability at the University of British Columbia all provided valuable input. In addition, an informal network of local business people was engaged to discuss long-term economic strategies to benefit the entire community.

The resulting Master Plan, based on the most up-to-date research and knowledge, ensures that each Westhills home is the product of leading edge green technology and practices.

Westhills neighbourhoods feature design elements that nurture both the environmental and social aspects of sustainability. For more information on Westhills ‘ Master Plan – click here

–      40% of Westhills lands have been protected as parks and green spaces.

–      Naturally occurring watercourses will be restored and enhanced.

–      Sustainable and eco-friendly transportation options such as community bus service and a revitalized rail link are mandated in the Westhills Master Plan.

–      A town centre and two neighbourhood service/commercial centres will provide services and amenities within walking distance of all Westhills residents.

–      Narrower streets and compact lot sizes help to preserve the environment and conserve precious natural resources.

–      Design features such as sidewalks, lighting, landscaping, and street-oriented architecture encourage walking and increase social interaction.

–      Community Energy System (CES) provides geo-exchange heating, cooling and domestic hot water to homes throughout all Westhills neighbourhoods (except Parkdale Creek).


Westhills ‘ vision of a community of vibrant and inclusive neighbourhoods is achieved in part by offering a wide range of housing options. Single-family homes, condos and town homes, in a variety of sizes and styles, are designed to accommodate a variety of family structures and to foster a diverse and welcoming community.

No matter what the price point, all Westhills homes offer outstanding value, unbeatable location and exceptional quality.

Design Excellence

The planning of all Westhills neighbourhoods has been influenced by Traditional Neighbourhood Design (TND) principles, which encourage the responsible use of land and resources in compact, walkable communities. Easy care single-family home lots range in size from 200 square meters (2, 153 sq. ft.) to 1, 000 square meters (10, 764 sq. ft.) with the majority being approximately 370 square meters (4, 000 sq. ft.).

A Westhills home features outstanding urban design in an environmentally sustainable setting. All single-family homes are BuiltGreen™ certified, and include a multitude of energy saving features and environmentally friendly finishes.

Quality Construction

At Westhills, quality construction means more than a solid foundation and a watertight roof. As industry-leaders, we set the bar high, employing reliable local contractors and trades people and requiring strict adherence to Westhills building practices and materials guidelines. We work closely with local businesses to help them understand our sustainability goals so they can stock the environmentally sensitive materials we require.

Westhills is proud to employ only quality builders who have been designated “Licensed Residential Builders” by the Homeowner Protection Office, a branch of BC Housing.

For absolute peace of mind, all Westhills homes are covered by a 2-5-10 year warranty through Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada.